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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

'absolute dawg' doing some moving...again..

i am sorry but i have decided to move the absolute dawg blog over to www.blogdrive.com where i feel it will serve a better purpose than at www.blogger.com. i know i just moved the blog not too long ago but i think you will be much happier with this style of blogging. if you are not then please let us know. all the blogger entries will remain over at that site and all new ones will be here. enjoy and i hope this will work out a little better.

>>don't forget to check out the all new road rules: x-treme site over at www.mtv.com

jd farorri

now go to the new site http://www.absolutedawg.blogdrive.com

you can now catch kendal on 'electric eye'

kendal sheppard can be heard on electric eye radio starting may 17th.

her other upcoming events:

5.14 in denver, CO @ The MYNT

5.13-14 in NYC

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

5-3-04 inferno recap

mission 1

  • week 1 - grope the rope
  • week 2 - wreck 'n roll
  • week 3 - disco domino derby
  • week 4 - ultimate saturn roadtrip
  • week 5 - come sail away
  • week 6 - twist and shoot
  • week 7 - fallen angel

    winner of the 1st mission
  • week 1 - road rules - bank total: $10,000
  • week 2 - road rules - bank total: $20,000
  • week 3 - real world - bank total: $20,000
  • week 4 - road rules - bank total: $40,000
  • week 5 - road rules - bank total: $60,000
  • week 6 - road rules - bank total: $80,000
  • week 7 - road rules - bank total: $90,000

    inferno nominations
    (each team chooses two team members from their team)
  • week 1 - rw - ace & syrus
    rr - jeremy & timmy
  • week 2 - rw - leah & trishelle
    rr - holly & katie
  • week 3 - rw - david & mike
    rr - abram & jeremy
  • week 4 - rw - coral & mallory
    rr - christena & katie
  • week 5 - rw - ct & david
    rr - abram & shane
  • week 6 - rw - julie & leah
    rr - katie & veronica
  • week 7 - rw - david & syrus
    rr - darrell & timmy

    inferno nominations part 2
    (where the opposite team picks who goes in out of the two)
  • week 1 - rw - syrus
    rr - jeremy
  • week 2 - rw - trishelle
    rr - holly
  • week 3 - rw - mike
    rr - jeremy
  • week 4 - rw - mallory
    rr - christena
  • week 5 - rw - david
    rr - shane
  • week 6 - rw - julie
    rr - veronica
  • week 7 - rw - david
    rr - timmy

    inferno pre-mission
  • week 1 - bird feeder
  • week 2 - the climbing wall
  • week 3 - balls out
  • week 4 - don't yank my chain
  • week 5 - bungee bound
  • week 6 - balcony swing
  • week 7 - saturn valet ballet

    winner of pre-inferno mission
  • week 1 - real world - bank total: $10,000
  • week 2 - road rules - bank total: $30,000
  • week 3 - real world - bank total: $30,000
  • week 4 - road rules - bank total: $50,000
  • week 5 - road rules - bank total: $70,000
  • week 6 - real world - bank total: $40,000
  • week 7 - road rules - bank total: $100,000

    aztec lifesaver
    to choose whether to save yourself or someone else
  • week 1 - rw - syrus - rr - darrell
  • week 2 - rw - ct - rr - timmy
  • week 3 - rw - ct - rr - veronica
  • week 4 - rw - mike - rr - veronica
  • week 5 - rw - ct - rr - holly
  • week 6 - rw - ct - rr - veronica
  • week 7 - rw - david - rr - kendal

    aztec lifesaver used/not used
  • week 1 - syrus used it to save himself and then nominated ace to take his place
  • week 2 - was not used
  • week 3 - was not used
  • week 4 - was not used
  • week 5 - ct used it to save dave and put himself in the inferno.
  • week 6 - veronica used it to save herself and then nominated katie to take her place
  • week 7 - david used it to save himself and send leah in. kendal used it to save timmy and send herself in

    inferno faceoff
  • week 1 - bug helmet - ace vs. jeremy
  • week 2 - the chiles counter - holly vs. trishelle
  • week 3 - human candelabra - jeremy vs. mike
  • week 4 - noise pollution - christena vs. mallory
  • week 5 - don't toss your cookies - ct vs. shane
  • week 6 - scratch-a-thon - julie vs. katie
  • week 7 - brick by brick - kendal vs. leah

    inferno winner
  • week 1 - rr - jeremy
  • week 2 - rr - holly
  • week 3 - rw - mike
  • week 4 - rr - christena
  • week 5 - rw - ct
  • week 6 - rr- katie
  • week 7 -

    sent home
  • week 1 - rw - ace
  • week 2 - rw - trishelle
  • week 3 - rr - jeremy
  • week 4 - rw - mallory
  • week 5 - rr - shane
  • week 6 - rw - julie
  • week 7 -

  • philly cast photos

    What's shakin' absolute dawg? I'll introduce myself to you because I doubt you know who I am. I'm KirkLynn Whitfield and I will be here reporting on this site for the summer. Many thank yous to JD! Send all site related questions for me to KLDWhit200@netscape.net :)!!!

    http://www.therealworldphilly.com has pictures of the new cast.

    kyle and lori - no longer a couple?

    i have not seen the soap opera digest but several emails have been coming in that kyle(season11) called off his relationship with girlfriend lori(season10). we wish them the best!

    jonny moseley - a student?

    Olympic medalist Jonny Moseley has gone back into training — as a student
    By Bonnie Azab Powell, NewsCenter | 28 April 2004

    BERKELEY – A few minor things set Jonny Moseley apart from other UC Berkeley students. At 28, he's a little bit older than the typical undergraduate. He's the hero of a video game, Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix. Oh, and he gave the keynote address at Berkeley's 2002 Commencement Convocation, has hosted Saturday Night Live; and has sat on David Letterman's interview couch — the rewards of two trips to the Winter Olympics, where he brought home a gold medal for moguls skiing in 1998.

    Yet in some ways Moseley sounds a lot like his classmates. "I'm going to have to do something for the next 50 years of my life, and I don't know exactly what it's going to be," he confides over lunch at Café Muse, the Berkeley Art Museum's new raw- and natural-food restaurant. "I'm kind of confused, if you can't tell. I've got a lot of ambitions, a lot of balls in the air."

    Just Cruisin'

    Coming straight to lunch from an Environmental Science & Policy Management (ESPM) class, Moseley bears more than a passing resemblance to Tom Cruise, circa "Risky Business." His spiky hair is flattened forward, and he squints a lot, as if perennially snow-blinded. He has been enrolled at UC Berkeley part-time since last fall, picking back up the education that he shelved when the Olympics first beckoned. Raised in Tiburon, Moseley went to UC Davis right after high school, managing to fit three quarters in between traveling around the globe as a World Cup skier. Then, in 1996, he decided to start training for the Olympics. UC Davis didn't make the cut.

    "There was no way, if I was going to really try to win, that I could do anything else," Moseley explains, bypassing the acclaimed Raw offerings on Café Muse's menu in favor of barbecued chicken-and-cheddar quesadillas with cilantro-jicama salsa. After wavering over root beer, he decides on a healthier bottle of water. "To train for the Olympics, you have to want it so bad. You put everything on hold. I don't even answer the phone. Ever."

    That focus paid off. For the final jump of his moguls run, Moseley pulled off a "mute helicopter grab" — a 360-degree-twist-and-grab, midair maneuver inspired by skateboarders — and came back from Nagano with a gold medal. His was promptly hailed as the new face of skiing, and his daredevil style as auguring a new era of cool for the sport. Endorsements and invitations to appear on TV rained down on him. His days at UC Davis seemed very, very far away.

    "It was like I went on a balloon ride for two years afterward," Moseley recalls. "I thought, 'No way can I go to school right now — this is the time of my life. I'm getting all these invitations, I have to take advantage of it all.' In retrospect, I had a pretty good routine worked out with school, and I could have gone back to it. But I thought I had to change everything around." So he juggled celebrity appearances with continuing to ski in top competitions like the X Games and the World Cup.

    On a roll

    Eventually, as his Olympics win receded into the past, he found himself jonesing for attention. As he told the audience in his speech at Berkeley's 2002 Commencement Convocation, "So there I was, two years after the Olympics, my celebrity dwindling, satisfaction waning. I needed a fix … Although I really had no idea at the time, narcissism was the essence of what prompted me to return to the 2002 Olympics."

    Moseley had been enrolled in UCLA for just a couple of weeks when he dropped out in order to train. He had decided to attempt a difficult maneuver he called the "dinner roll," never before performed at the Olympics and so dangerous he had to obtain special permission from the Olympic judges to even try it. They agreed — by one vote.

    'After the Olympics, nothing can make me nervous. Saturday Night Live was like a vacation.'
    -Jonny Moseley

    With the 2002 Olympics only a few weeks away, Moseley was only landing 3 out of 50 attempts at the trick, and was being mocked in the press for even attempting it. He realized he had been training with the wrong focus — for the world's approval and adulation — and in a panic, feared that not only would he fail to win a medal, he would be embarrassed by failing to execute the trick at all. He kicked his training into overtime.

    "What's so hard about the dinner roll?" I ask him, trying to eat my Southern crispy chicken salad without splattering the buttermilk dressing on myself or Moseley.

    The trick involves two complete 360-degree twists, he tells me, one on the vertical plane and one on the horizontal, without an inversion (which is prohibited by the judges). Seeing my look of incomprehension, he pulls out his Titanium PowerBook and offers to show me footage — his sponsorship responsibilities include giving corporate presentations, so he keeps several video clips handy.

    Even now having seen it, the dinner roll is difficult to describe. Careening down the slope, Moseley appears to launch himself a hundred feet in the air, hover there for a split second — spinning and rotating as casually as a kid doing tricks on a diving board — before plunging gracefully to earth. He landed the trick perfectly, to wild cheering by the Olympic crowds. But the dinner roll was so new that the judges didn't score it as highly as they might — and since have scored it — and his times on the other portions of the competition were not as fast as successive competitors. Moseley placed fourth.

    "Was I bummed? Sure," he shrugs. "I knew the judges weren't going to get it, but I had to do it anyway. I wasn't going to look back at the Olympics and know that I played it safe. I needed to be progressive, to take it to the next level, for me. I already had a gold, after all."

    Moseley explains that the moves in freestyle skiing, like snowboarding and skateboarding, simply have evolved so fast that "if you're not one of the athletes or recently retired, you don't get it, period. I'm starting not to get some of the things they're doing now because I've been in school for a year." And "not getting it" means perhaps not recognizing the challenge of the newest tricks with appropriately high scores. "You can watch a million videos and not get it. You have to have done it, or have at least tried to do it, to have a value for how hard it is or what it takes to get there. Otherwise you have no idea," he says.

    Tricks are for kids

    Coming home without a medal didn't prevent Moseley from enjoying a second round of celebrity and endorsements. In March of 2002 he hosted Saturday Night Live; Outkast were the musical guests. When I ask if he was nervous about hosting SNL — it is live, after all — he rolls his eyes. "Everybody wants to know that, but no. Not at all," he says. "After the Olympics, nothing can make me nervous. Saturday Night Live was like a vacation."

    A few months later, he was invited to give Berkeley's 2002 Commencement speech, a controversial move by the student organizing committee when it became public that Moseley had never finished college himself. In the end, the sincere, frank assessment he gave of his own shortcomings as well as success won over most critics.

    Moseley decided it was time to start training again, only this time, he'd focus on his mind. He enrolled at Berkeley in August 2002, and has taken two classes each semester. "I just feel lucky to be able to go here. It's a personal issue I have to get through," he says. "I feel a responsibility to myself and to other people to try to be educated, to get some education on other things besides skiing, to work on my mind." He'd like to go full-time, but he still has sponsorship duties to fulfill for Sprint and others, and continues to ski in exhibitions and the occasional tournament. Recently he was skiing with some kids and they begged him to do a dinner roll for them. After limbering up, he obliged, but it's not something he does regularly anymore.

    "I love skiing, I'll always love skiing, I just don't have the desire as much to get up there and really push the envelope anymore," Moseley explains, mopping up the last of his quesadillas. "These days, I really don't ski for fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's fun, but I ski for work, mostly. It's a job, and school is my hobby. That's the way it has to work right now."

    At UC Davis, he smartly decided to get calculus and statistics out of the way while the subjects were still fresh in his mind from high school. At UC Berkeley he has taken business administration, economics, geography, and ESPM classes, making A's and B's. "I don't know what I'm going to major in," he admits. "My first gut instinct was to do business stuff, because as an athlete I've had to do a lot of negotiating and managing all my life. But now I'm taking this environmental science class and I like it a lot. The geography class was great too. It's all really enlightening."

    Moseley has had more than a few requests for autographs, but mostly people on campus leave him alone, for which he's grateful. He sympathizes with William Hung, the UC Berkeley civil engineering student whose brief singing turn on "American Idol" has turned him into an overnight celebrity. "It's super hard to keep a frame of reference when that happens," Moseley says. "The whole time you're telling yourself to stay normal, but the hardest thing to do is stay humble when everyone around you is telling you how great you are."

    The real Moseley trick — the one that rescued him from the downhill narcissistic track he was on before the 2002 Olympics — is "to keep your friends and family close." That piece of advice was given to him in passing by Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. "At the time I was like, 'whatever,' but I used it. It's valuable advice. Your friends and family won't let you get away with all that crap." Nor, presumably, will his fiancée, Malia — a woman Moseley has known since high school but only reconnected with a few years ago.

    Any other advice for William Hung? "Get a good lawyer — when I was 16, I had to negotiate my own contracts. I was whiting out numbers, doubling them and faxing it back. Not good," says Moseley, grabbing his laptop and preparing to amble off to his next class. "Stay humble, don't be scared. And try to stay in school."

    drunken dose of 'real'-ity philly style

    Dan Gross| Drunken dose of 'Real'-ity
    By Dan Gross

    THE CITY that booed Santa Claus is also the one that told the cast of MTV's "The Real World" to kill themselves.

    The reality show's seven strangers moved in Friday to the former Seamen's Church Institute (3rd & Arch) and later that night, some hit up Old City watering hole Suede Lounge (120 Market).

    When they left, a crowd of drunken haters followed the castmates along Market Street heckling the bunch with lines such as "Kill yourselves," before lightening the mood with the always-in-season "E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!" cheer, and some Flyers chants as well.

    Here are some descriptions of our new neighbors:

    1) A white girl with blonde highlights in her brown hair.

    2) A short, Latino guy from New York.

    3) A huge, buff, blond white dude with a perm.

    4) A white guy who looks like #3, only smaller.

    5) An attractive black woman.

    6) A tall, fit black man.

    7) A tall long-haired vixen from Tampa.

    • A note to the dopes who think they'll be immortalized on MTV by hurling themselves into a shot:

    You won't be.

    The show tapes thousands of hours of footage and only airs 12.

    Don't waste your time.

    Or theirs.

    You can waste ours instead.

    Tell us what you saw.

    Bet with Blavat

    When the Trump Marina put its Jerry Blavat commemorative gaming chip on sale Sunday, nobody bothered to set some aside for the man himself.

    The chips feature cartoons of the Geator on each side and sold out in three minutes, which caused the veteran DJ to buy two of his own souvenir chips from a casino patron.

    For 20 bucks each.

    • He probably doesn't have to pay for the Geator sandwich, now offered at the J. Cabot Cafe inside the Curtis Center (7th & Walnut).

    Created in honor of the half-Italian, half-Jew, the sandwich is an Italian Reuben with prosciutto, swiss, sauerkraut and Russian dressing.

    Samuel's Sixers love

    Samuel L. Jackson gave props to some old school Sixers stars on Sunday morning's "Ahmad Rashad One On One" show on the NBA TV network.

    Rashad asked the actor who his favorite basketball team was when he was growing up.

    "The Sixers for some reason, even though Wilt was on that team and I wasn't a huge Wilt fan," Jackson told Rashad.

    While he didn't care for Chamberlain, the "Pulp Fiction" star said he was a big fan of Hal Greer, Wally Jones, and Gus Johnson.

    The jazz doctor

    Jazz singer Ruth Benns-Suter performs tonight at the Astral Plane (1708 Lombard).

    When she's not backed by Mark Huber on piano and Joe Michaels on bass, Dr. Benns-Suter is an associate professor of Psychology at Millersville University.

    She's playing the restaurant the first Tuesday of every month till August.

    The good doctor honed her skills as a young girl in the Philadelphia All-City Choir.

    Tonight, she'll sing from 7-10.

    joe patane does absolute dawg recap

    >>view his recap

    >>view his site

    Monday, May 03, 2004

    mtv's road rules: x-treme site is up

    Only weeks to go until the airing of the show and MTV has finally added the X-treme page up to their site.

    visit it

    Road Rules X-TREME Premieres Monday, June 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

    trishelle and brad to be in 'slam 2004'

    Celebrities to play basketball for Child Watch of North America at "Slam Jam 2004" in Chicago

    Posse Up Entertainment presents Slam Jam 2004 May 14th, 2004 at the Gentile Center on the Loyola University campus in chicago ,IL. Slam Jam is a celebrity charity basketball game featuring a variety of stars from Music, TV, and Movies. Confirmed Celebrities include; Raz-B from R& B hip-hop group B2K. Chopper, Ness & Sarah Stokes from MTV's Making the Band & Da Band, Jamie Blyth from the ABC reality show the Bachlorette, American Idol Season Two top 12 finalist Charles Grigsby, Jazz, Woody, Scola from Dru Hill, MTV's the Real World cast members Trishelle Cannatella and Brad Fiorenza, Tara Gerard and Holly Pastor from Paradise Hotel, Atlanta Hawks forward Chris Mills.

    Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) May 3, 2004--Posse Up Entertainment and a variety of celebrities from Music, TV, and Movies score a slam dunk with Child Watch of North America at Slam Jam 2004. Slam Jam is a celebrity charity basketball game to take place May 14th, 2004 at the Joseph J. Gentile Center on the Loyola University Campus in Chicago, IL.

    Confirmed Celebrities include; Raz-B from R& B hip-hop group B2K. Chopper, Ness & Sarah Stokes from Da Band. Jamie Blyth from the ABC reality show the Bachlorette. American Idol Season Two top 12 finalist Charles Grigsby. Jazz, Woody, Scola from Dru Hill. MTV's the Real World cast members Trishelle Cannatella and Brad Fiorenza. Tara Gerard and Holly Pastor from Paradise Hotel. Atlanta Hawks forward Chris Mills. Also confirmed to play Lauren Mayhew, Added FX, Scott Jordan, Ricky Luna, Kel Mitchel, Tray Chaney, Jamel Mixon, Jarod Mixon, and Ms. Jade.

    Slam Jam 2004 sponsored by Chicago's 103.5 KISS FM will be the break out event for artist management and publicity firm Posse Up Entertainment. Posse Up has been assisted in securing celebrities for this charity event by Linda Luna and Celebrity Agent Mike Esterman." I am so glad to be able to provide my expertise in the world of adding celebrities and music guests to the Slam Jam project. I have a personal love for the organization and it is great to be involved in anyway I can" stated Mike Esterman. Many of the reality stars from MTV, ABC and FOX for the Slam Jam event were provided by Mr. Esterman, with Ms. Luna being the key in confirming many of the urban hip hop stars including Raz-B and members of Dru Hill.

    Child Watch of North America, based out of Orlando, Florida, is an organization that focuses on locating lost and abducted children. Slam Jam 2004 hopes to provide Child Watch with enough funds to launch a variety of new programs to further assist parents of missing children. "I love doing charity events. Especially this one because it helps kids reunite with their families, right where they should be." stated Billy West; member of the hip-hop group Added FX. Charles Grigsby agrees "Slam Jam is a great event for a great cause".

    Slam Jam 2004 doors open at 6pm with a 7pm tip off expected. The half time show brings the "jam" to Slam Jam featuring solo material from Raz-B of B2K and Jazz from Dru Hill. Also performing at halftime Ricky Luna and Added FX.

    For more information and tickets visit http://www.SlamJam2004.com. Tickets also available online at Ticketmaster.com, at all Ticketmaster outlets including Carson Pirie Scott, Tower Records, HOTTIX, and select FYE Stores. To charge by phone, call (312)559-1212.

    For more Information on Posse Up Entertainment visit http://www.posseupent.com

    For more Information on Child Watch of North America visit http://www.childwatch.org

    For More Information on Mike Esterman visit http://www.esterman.com

    Sunday, May 02, 2004

    first impressions count

    Kina--Kinda cute
    Patrick-- “Yo, I know this guy! He went to Maine South, but hold up...he’s wearing a pink shirt?”
    Ibis--Pretty face...she looks like the girl from Full House...Stephanie’s best friend.
    Jodi--Ehh? Nothin’ special
    Danny--I wonder what this guy’s story is?

    Kina--Upfront and interesting. I was excited to get to know her.
    Patrick--Total fraternity guy with great sense of style
    Derrick--he looks like the guy from Clueless and Leonardo DiCaprio. He was hilarious from the moment we met.
    Jodi--Wow! She looks athletic.
    Danny--Very built body, cute face, very talkative

    Kina--Upfront and interesting. I was excited to get to know her.
    Patrick--All-American boy, tall
    Derrick--Short, loud
    Ibis--Pretty, talkative
    Danny--Short, gay
    Kina--Cute, energetic

    Jodi--Very athletic
    Patrick--Seems very smart
    Derrick--He’s gonna be the bad one!
    Ibis--Prim and proper

    Derrick--I have a feeling I am gonna be carrying this crazy bitch out of a lot of bars.
    Kina--The pretty girl who’s a little rough around the edges--in a good way.
    Ibis--Sorority girl mold
    Danny--Gay but acting straight...until he came out to us.

    Patrick--Lady’s Man. He’s going to be hooking up with a lot of girls on this trip.
    Ibis--She’s pretty and very well dressed. I bet she packed the most on this trip.
    Jodi--She’s tall and definitely the athletic girl.
    Kina--She’s hot and looks like the straight forward type…I’m going to like this one a lot.
    Derrick--You’re white too?? Where’s the token black guy???

    xtreme's favorites


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cake Batter
    Favorite Movie: Kill Bill
    Favorite TV Show: Will and Grace
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Jack Nicholson/Angelina Jolie
    Favorite Holiday: My Birthday
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Tennis/Serena Williams and Andy Roddick
    Favorite Band/Artist: Bjork
    Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Strips


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Late-night Frosties from Wendy’s
    Favorite Movie: Scarface and Zoolander
    Favorite TV Show: The Daily Show
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Jessica Alba
    Favorite Holiday: Christmas
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Chicago Cubs
    Favorite Band/Artist: Too many to list!
    Favorite Food: Filet mignon from National 27 in Chicago


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chubby Hubby
    Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
    Favorite TV Show: Newlyweds
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Matt Damon
    Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Eagles
    Favorite Band/Artist: Garth Brooks
    Favorite Food: Pizza


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Purple Cow from the Hay Wagon in MA.
    Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball or Sweet Home Alabama
    Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor/Bachelorette
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Reese Witherspoon
    Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Basketball, Lakers
    Favorite Band/Artist: Justin Timberlake, Fabulous, 50 Cent, Maroon 5
    Favorite Food: Cheese


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Baskin Robins Chocolate Chip
    Favorite Movie: I Am Sam or A Beautiful Mind
    Favorite TV Show: Punk’d (How do they not know?!?)
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts
    Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Duuuh!
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Florida Gators, Football is life!
    Favorite Band/Artist: Billy Holiday, OutKast
    Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza Lean Pockets at 3:00 a.m.


    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: French vanilla
    Favorite Movie: The Patriot
    Favorite TV Show: Chappelle’s Show
    Favorite Actors/Actresses: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Favorite Holiday: Christmas
    Favorite Sport/Sports Team: Cubbies!
    Favorite Band/Artist: Eminem
    Favorite Food: Ham Loretta’s from Sark’s (Wilmette, IL)

    here they are - xtreme pictures








    the philly 7 moved in FRIDAY

    this comes from www.philly.com

    'The Real World' welcome

    You put out a welcome mat. The Real World's producers post a disclaimer. Last week, a notice went up outside the Old City building where on Friday the seven castmates moved in for about four months:

    "Attention!" reads the sign. "Filming of a television program is taking place beyond this sign and in this area. By entering this area you hereby authorize and irrevocably grant to the producers the right, but not the obligation, to photograph you and exploit your likeness, voice and other sound effects, all together or separately, in connection with the production, exhibition, distribution, promotion, exploitation, publicity, and advertising of a motion picture without compensation in all media throughout the universe in perpetuity. If you do not agree to the above, please do not enter this area."

    "Throughout the universe"? We can see it now - The Real World 25: Mars.

    Saturday, May 01, 2004

    view x-treme profiles on mtv.com


    even the dog has a profile

    entire road rules x-treme cast

    roadrulesweb has found out all the cast members of the x-treme cast.

    Patrick, 20 - Illinois, Sophomore, Wrestler at UPenn

    Danny, 21 - New Jeresy, in a relationship with a boyfriend

    Derrick, 20 - Also from Illinois, this 20 year is really athletic and into many sports including basketball and football.

    Ibis, 19 - Florida, student at UFlorida Gators, in a sorority

    Jodi, 23 - Orignally from Virgina, attends Virginia Commonwealth University

    Kina, 20 - Also from New Jersey, down to earth gal, intested in Football and Hockey.

    also here's a picture of patrick

    Friday, April 30, 2004

    we need your feedback

    absolute dawg needs your help. fill this out for us.. you do not have to include your name or email address.


    email address:

    what would you like to see here at absolute dawg? send comments, suggestions, praise, improvements, etc


    julie's cheesy limo

    have you checked out julie's photo on cheesyheadlimo.com?

    'don't make me pull this thing over'

    have you purchased the soundtrack from road rules?

    about the album:

    Various Artists : MTV Road Rules: Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over, Vol. 1

    Date of Release:2002 08 06
    Styles: TV Soundtrack, emo-core, Punk-Pop, Post-Grunge, Punk Revival, Alternative Metal, Alternative Pop/Rock

    buy it now

    ace 'relaying' for life

    Relay for Life to have MTV guest
    By Jason Dooley, jdooley@bgdailynews.com -- 270-781-1700
    Thursday, April 15, 2004

    Ace Amerson, a participant in MTV’s “The Real World - Paris” will speak and participate in Western Kentucky University’s annual Relay for Life this weekend.
    Amerson, who lost his mother to cancer, will give the keynote speech about 8:30 p.m. Friday, then walk laps around the L.T. Smith Stadium track until about 10 p.m., said Amy Risley, one of the organizers.
    “He is going to speak about how cancer has affected his life and family,” Risley said. “He is fraternity brother of Gary Wiser, who works at Western.”
    The involvement of Amerson – from Statesboro, Ga. – with this year’s event will almost certainly help the relay raise more money for cancer research, said Brenda Moore, director of the Bowling Green chapter of the American Cancer Society.
    “We already have 40 teams signed up, double what we had last year,” Moore said. “This is a really exciting time for us.”
    The teams participating in the Western event are comprised of students from local high schools and student organizations on campus, she said.
    Relay for Life is the nation’s largest cancer research fund-raiser and will run from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday.
    At least one member of each team is on the track for the entire 12-hour period, with teams collecting pledges and donations to raise money, Moore said.
    The event also includes a luminary ceremony at 10 p.m. in honor of cancer victims and survivors, along with many other fun games and activities, she said.
    Admission to the event for non-team members is $5 a person.
    — For more information about the event, contact Moore or Amy Risley at 782-9036 or 745-1967 or visit www.cancer.org.

    syrus tours lincoln

    Former 'Real World' cast tours Lincoln
    By ANDREW MOSEMAN / DN Staff Writer
    April 23, 2004

    For some former reality TV stars, reality never sets back in.

    Cable specials already have appeared, detailing the plight of some who struggled to find their place after a glorious moment in the national spotlight.

    But long before network executives concocted "Survivor," "Joe Millionaire" or "The Bachelor," there was MTV's "The Real World." And some of its former cast members have done fine just being former "Real World" cast members.

    David Burns, from the Seattle season of "The Real World," and Syrus, from the Boston season, came to Lincoln on Thursday, appearing at an open house at the Sterling University Stadium View Apartments. The New York season's Coral was scheduled to appear, but didn't make it.

    Sterling employees, identically clad in bright pink shirts, welcomed visitors just in time for the housing rush.

    Kelly Muller, manager at Sterling, said she was excited the event brought so many new faces to the complex.

    One was Melinn Schott, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore radiology major. She said she and freshman Julie Harder made a special trip, meeting and taking snapshots with the two former stars.

    Harder said she watched the show every week to the point that "The Real World" became part of her world.

    "You almost feel like you know them," the marketing major said. "It's weird to meet them in real life."

    Apparently, though, she didn't get to know them well enough through television.

    "They're a lot nicer than I thought they'd be," she said.

    The front office became too crowded after a while, as many people showed up fashionably late, Muller said. Many visitors spilled out onto the back porch and spilled expensive Italian beer on the white picnic table.

    Senior John Vigna, a marketing major, said he lived in Sterling and came for the free food. But after notifying Syrus of Lincoln's bar hotspots, he said he was glad the celebrities were down-to-earth.

    "I didn't come out to see these guys, but they're really cool," he said. "I thought they might be kind of arrogant."

    Burns was so comfortable, he started drinking from a beer bong with some of the students, while Syrus, who goes only by his first name, criticized his technique.

    "That was weak, Dave," he said. "Your whole bonging experience was pretty weak."

    Matt McCoy, manager and agent with Reality Booking Company, said he represents several former "Real World" cast members, including these two.

    Life isn't bad for cast members, he said, especially if they were popular while on the show.

    "Many cast members, if they have a following, they're busy 10 nights a month," he said.

    Syrus said he appears regularly in events like this in college towns, but he also parlayed his window of fame into a career in the entertainment business.

    He used his reality TV experience to work with "Fear Factor" and "Joe Millionaire," he said, and worked on and appeared in the video game "Street Hoops."

    But he said he couldn't forget about his start in Boston or the other cast members.

    "Jason lives down the street from me in Los Angeles," he said, referring to a fellow Boston cast member.

    He stays in contact with housemate Sean, he said, who is an assistant district attorney in Wisconsin.

    But mostly, Syrus said, daily questions about the show keep him thinking about it.

    "Every day, no matter what, somebody's asking you about it," he said. "You can only move on so far."

    mtv star tells of being gay

    Friday, April 23, 2004
    MTV star tells of being gay
    By Deanna Truman-Cook
    Iowa City Press-Citizen

    Growing up in a small northern Georgia town, Danny Roberts always knew he was different.

    He just didn't know why until he was into his teens.

    Gayla Week
    • What: Live Cabaret/Drag Show and singer Sacha Sacket.
    • When: Doors open at 7:30 p.m. today. Drag show starts at 8 p.m. today.
    • Where: Currier Hall.

    • How much: Free.

    Though he came out to his friends in college, it wasn't until he landed a slot on MTV's "The Real World: New Orleans" in December 1999 that he came clean to his family and others.

    The show changed his life. Thursday night, he shared his experiences in a packed Van Oel room in Currier Hall. The event is part of Gayla Week, sponsored by University of Iowa Residence Services.

    Controversy spurred the New Orleans series. Roberts was openly dating a military man, Paul, as a heated national debate focused on gays in the military and the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which still exists and allows gays to be in the military as long as they do not talk about or express their sexuality.

    Paul never was identified on the show, and his appearance always was blurred. The couple is strongly against the "Don't Tell" policy.

    "The policy has to be changed. It doesn't work," Roberts said.

    It doesn't fit with the military culture that is family oriented and encourages soldiers to marry young, he said. And it doesn't make sense to demand that soldiers don't lie, but at the same time encourage them to not tell the truth if they are gay, he said.

    As a captain in the Army, Paul faced the possibility of going to jail if the military discovered he was gay. He planned a military career, but chose to leave after eight years to be able to have an open relationship with Roberts.

    Though the two favor changing the policy, they said there has to be a right time for it to happen. Right now the military needs to focus on the war, Roberts said.

    Since the military reflects American societal values, he is giving speeches promoting gays across the country to squash stereotypes and get the word out that gays exist and are not pedophiles or freaks.

    "It is easy to judge people you know nothing about," Roberts said

    new sign plastered on philly door




    philly cast to move in today

    some sources say that the philly 7 will move into their luxury house today. again this may not be true but it's what i keep hearing.

    tree in the lobby of philly house?

    these posts came from rwphil.com whichs means it could just be a rumor.

    2nd street rich

    Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 4:26 am Post subject: Giant Tree in House


    Not a big thing but...coming back from the gym tonight and the side window was open, there is a huge tree in the middle of the house.

    The tree is about 14 feet high, directly in the center of what
    was the lobby of the bank. Remember it was built as a bank branch
    for the Corn Exchange Bank before the Seamen's moved in.

    They have created a garden in the middle of the house.
    Lots of shrubs and a giant 8 ft. black iron gate surrounds the garden.

    The other thing that was odd is there is some kind of tube...looks like
    the tube kids play in at chuckie cheeses's, that goes from the mezzanine
    of the house to the middle of the garden...don't know what it is but big enough to fit an adult in to get from one floor to the next.

    The girl closed the blinds quickly, once she saw someone was outside
    looking in. Not a lot of news but the first time I could actually see in.


    Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 8:09 am Post subject: saw them all


    Yo!, I just rolled by on my lunch break( 3am overnight shift) and I saw about six people at the side entrance outside catching a smoke. There were 4 chicks and 2 dudes, all were white (one of the girls may have been Asian) and from what I could see, the girls were pretty darn hot. I drove by like a freak about 4 times and walked by once but they wern't out at that time. Not that I would have said anything to them. I would like to but I aint got the chones...From what I could tell about the house was basically the same thing 2nd st Rich said. Those tubes were kinda strange, like indoor waterslides or something. Also that big Rider truck outside is probobly a surveilance truck or something to keep vagrants like me from kreepin' on the joint...More from me on Monday...

    timmy and theo's dvd coming soon

    Theo - 4/27/04

    So I'm back... at last... home in L.A... but its a sad time here at realityspot.com... one of my good friends, Ryan Thomas, whom I was roommates with on Semester at Sea in Fall '02, passed away of some sort of heart arrhythmia on Saturday.. he was a beautiful boy... and still is..

    In other news my show on Sunday night at the Pasadena Ice House may have been one of my best... I had a great time... and it was an honor to be up on the stage with so many professionals.. so great.. I had a lot of fun... I'll be in L.A. until Saturday.. then I'm heading back to Louisiana for the last 2 days of Jazz Festival.... I'm sure its all gonna be a blast.. and to everyone who supports realityspot.com.... get ready for Timmy and Theo's DVD... volume 1... coming soon...

    big hugs.. theo

    go to theo and timmy's site

    dan has a man

    The thing that sucks with my blog is this: I can't talk about the stuff I've been doing lately because J. reads it.

    Yes, you, J. I know you're reading this. What's up with the snooping and the Googling and the general nosiness? Just kidding. Welcome one, welcome all.

    J. and I are "dating," for lack of a better word. I, a staunch anti-label advocate, usually shun such trivialities as calling someone my "boyfriend" or whatever; I don't like it when people use labels to signify something they should show in their actions. It's like when people say "I'm sorry," or "You don't look fat in those pants," or "My wife and I are getting a divorce, I promise." Anyone can say it and not mean it.

    Anyway--so yeah, J. is my boyfriend. Never mind the fact that neither of us are "boys." But there's no better term, so whatever.

    I've been attached to J.'s hip for the past few weeks, and while I've been having a ball, I'm also frustrated because I have ALL sorts of things on my mind that I'm dying to work out. I.e., there's the fact that he has absolutely no idea what America's Next Top Model is (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!); the fact that he's older than me and his friends talk to me like I just got out of high school; the fact that he shares his bed with a 180-lb Mastiff that smells like moldy cheese--which leads one to question, where am I supposed to sleep if I stay over?...

    But I can't talk about these things. Because J. is reading this and that's just way too much insight into my little brain, and relationships need mystery to work.

    So after struggling in blog-silence about my dilemma, I have devised a J.-friendly entry, which might actually serve others out there who are navigating the uncharted waters of new relationships. I composed it while sitting at a diner with my friend, scribbling ideas on a tri-fold paper napkin in between bites of strawberry pie. I'll write it later when I have more time.

    go to dan renzi's site

    have you asked the right inferno questions?

    Real World/Road Rules Inferno Reunion Audience Needed
    Love the cast? See every episode? Ever wanted to ask them what really went down on the show? Now is your chance!

    We are looking for the BIGGEST inferno fans to be part of our LIVE studio audience. Hard core fans need only apply!

    You MUST:
    * Be a huge fan
    * Appear to be 17-25 years old
    * Able to get yourself to the MTV studio in NYC
    * Must be high energy & spend the entire day (9am-5pm)

    Here is what you need to do: send an email to: mtv.production.casting@mtvstaff.com
    Phone Numbers

    Tell us:
    *What is your favorite episode & why?
    *Who is your most & least favorite cast member/ why?
    *If you could ask 3 questions to the cast , who would you ask & what would ask them?

    We will call you within the next 2 weeks. Good luck!

    Thursday, April 29, 2004

    see kit on 'da band'

    you can catch kit hoover on making the band 2 tonight @ 10pm.

    melissa makes maxim

    according to the rw/rr blog melissa howard made maxim's hot 100 list for 2004 placing at #92.

    Wednesday, April 28, 2004

    welcome to the new site!

    i am welcoming all of you to the new site! i hope you like it! we are trying to rearrange here at the absolute dawg site and we all feel that this is our best move. you can view all the news from november 2003 until today here. Our regular posting will resume tomorrow here. thanxs for the support!